Mentor Biography

Hey! My name is Taylor Tills, and I am majoring in Biomedical Sciences. I am a sophomore this year at UCF! After I graduate, I plan on going to medical school. The high school I graduated from was Saint Lucie West Centennial High School in Port Saint Lucie Florida. Port Saint Lucie is a small town on the east coast of Florida. I have only been at UCF for a year, but my favorite professor so far is Professor Beazley. She teaches Chemistry Fundamentals 1A. She was my favorite teacher because of the way she did her video lectures (since everything was online) and made sure everyone understood her lessons. She also gave a lot of opportunities for extra credit and overall is a very nice person. The COMPASS program is the perfect program to be involved in when you join UCF. It provides an opportunity to meet people and have a support system at the beginning of your college experience. It also helps you with the important decision of which major you want to study. My advice to incoming COMPASS students would be to make the most out of the program. Go to the events, meet people, and have fun! My favorite things to do outside of school are to go to the gym, the beach, and hang out with friends!