Career Planning STEM Explorations (MHS sections 300-306)

Who Am I? Personal Assessment


  • Career Thoughts Inventory; Career Development Inventory; MyPlan Career Assessments (personality inventory, interest inventory, values assessment, and skills profiler).
  • Exploration of values associated with STEM career: STEM-related values Card Sort activity
  • Personality type and STEM Careers: synthesizing personal assessments
Where Am I Going? The World Of Work in STEM

WEEKS 6-10

  • Guest Lectures in Life Sciences (Biology, Chemistry, Forensic Sciences); Engineering (Civil, Environmental, Industrial, Electrical, Computer, Mechanical, and Aerospace); Physical and Natural Sciences (Mathematics, Physics, Statistics, and Computer Science)
  • Synthesizing the STEM World of Work
  • O*Net (Occupational Network Database Online) summary
  • Expectations and deliverables discussed for experiential learning component
How Do I Get There? Experiential Learning and Stem Major Identification

WEEKS 11-16

  • Experiential Learning Labs (Options of UCF or Industry Labs)
  • Synthesizing and integrating experiential learning lab experiences
  • STEM comparison and Fit Chart (include personality, interests, values, social, cultural and numerical fit score)
  • Major Selection
  • Career and Major Action Planning