COMPASS Learning Community Compact

As a member of the COMPASS Learning Community students commit to the following:

  • Throughout the first year of college, COMPASS students will take the required math courses for their major with the COMPASS program (College Algebra – Ordinary Differential Equations (spring only)).
  • COMPASS students undecided in their career/major choice will complete the STEM Explorations Career Planning course (MHS 2330) during the first semester of enrollment.
  • COMPASS students entering the university declared in a STEM major will complete the STEM Seminar sequence (ISC 2054 and 2055) during the first year of college.
  • Participation in COMPASS Center study hours (3 a week) are required prior to the first math exam. These hours will be dropped/adjusted based on each students performance on each math exam.
  • Upper-division undergraduate STEM mentors who are assigned to each COMPASS student will be utilized during the first semester of enrollment. (They are here for you – take advantage of them!)
  • As a COMPASS student, I will be an active member of the COMPASS Learning Community.