Mentor Biography

My name is Sebastien Jouhaud and I am a sophomore majoring in Mechanical Engineering. I graduated from Stanton College Preparatory in 2019 in Jacksonville, Florida. My favorite class so far at UCF was AMH 2020 with Dr. James Clark. He is hands down my favorite professor at UCF and if you get the chance to have him as a professor, I would absolutely recommend it. He was funny, engaging, smart, and a little bit sarcastic. He would walk around and make students answer questions that seemed irrelevant to the topic at hand but would always be able to bring it back to what he was talking about during that lecture. His focus wasn’t on his students copying notes from a PowerPoint; as a matter of fact, his PowerPoints were all pictures. He wanted his students to enjoy learning about history as much as he enjoyed teaching it. This program is absolutely one of the best programs you can find yourself in at UCF. Anyone who isn’t sure of what they want to major in will be sure of the major they chose by the end of their first semester and anyone who does know will pass their classes with ease. This program is jam packed with different ways to get help and to help make sure that anyone who is need of help will get it. Outside of classes, my favorite thing to do is go to the RWC/IM fields by the big gym. Sometimes I will invite my friends but other times I will go by myself and meet new people to play with. Everyone is friendly at UCF and you can always find someone that will do activities with you, regardless of what it is.