I was born, raised, and educated in Poland. In 1983 I left Poland and joined the faculty of the Mathematics Department of the University of California at Santa Barbara as a visiting lecturer. I had my first teaching experience there. While I was not well prepared for it, I quickly realized that I really liked teaching and interacting with students. In 1985 I moved to Orlando to join the UCF Mathematics Department as an assistant professor. At UCF I have taught a variety of courses from the introductory level to specialized courses for our doctoral students. I have also been involved in mathematics research as well as in administrative roles. Most of my research work is in mathematical analysis. This area of mathematics is related to calculus. While we consider ideas that go far beyond what is discussed in calculus, the fundamental ideas of mathematical analysis are introduced in the first calculus course. If you are interested to find more about my research you can take a look at my list of publications. On that list you will noticed I have published a number of textbooks, including An Introduction to Analysis and A Bridge to Linear Algebra.