My name is Noah Doukas and I am a civil engineering major. This will be my fifth year at UCF after graduating in 2014 from Palm Harbor University High school in Palm Harbor, Florida. One of my favorite classes so far since being at UCF has been Creativity and Entrepreneurship. As an engineering major most of my classes until this point were computational based, having the chance to take a class where I was able to communicate and share ideas with other like minded students was a nice change of pace. Through this class I was able to work on a business model for something I have been creating on the side along with receive helpful criticism to refine my idea. One of my favorite professors so far at UCF was professor Dunlop-Pile who was my calculus II teacher. She did an excellent job of explaining the concepts beyond the classroom and was very receptive at office hours to any questions I had. My decision to become a mentor for the COMPASS program was due to how beneficial I feel this program would have been when I was a first year student. Coming onto this huge campus not knowing too many people, it can be overwhelming trying to find your place as a student and as a person. I can attest to feeling lost in both regards. What I hope to impart to my mentees is to be a friend and resource of knowledge/wisdom for all available opportunities at UCF while they acclimate to this new environment. From my experience so far with the EXCEL/COMPASS programs it provides a semblance of community for STEM majors. You never know who you’re going to meet that will impact your life for the better, be receptive and welcoming to everyone you meet in your time at UCF. I’ve met the most interesting people at my time in college and have learned something from them all, be a student inside and outside of the classroom because you never know where knowledge will come from.