Mentor Biography

Hello! My name is Mary Grace and I am a sophomore Aerospace Engineering student this Fall. I graduated from Bishop Moore High School in 2021. My favorite class at UCF has been Calculus 1 with Dr. Mikusinski. I enjoyed learning the concepts with all the TAs walking around the large classroom ready to help, and his sense of humor always made me laugh. My favorite teacher would have to be Dr. Dixon for Chemistry. I enjoyed the way he taught his lectures and the structure of his class. He was very helpful and would happily answer my questions whenever I had any. I decided to join the EXCEL/COMPASS program because I wanted to be with other passionate stem majors like myself. I also liked that I would be in multiple classes with the same people and could more easily make friends and find study groups. I decided to be a COMPASS Mentor because I want to help incoming freshman choose their specific major like my past mentors have helped me. I also want to help my mentees have a great first year at UCF. Some advice that I have for your first year is to not be afraid to introduce yourself to people in the first week of classes. Everyone is nervous and will be happy to make new friends. I did this and ended up forming multiple lifelong friendships! Outside of school, I like to go to the theme parks, kayak, and go bowling.