Mentor Biography

My name is Kyle Drapeau and I am a Biomedical Sciences major. This will be my third year attending UCF. In 2018, I graduated from Bedford High School which is located in my hometown of Bedford, New Hampshire. One of my favorite classes at UCF was Microbiology Lab because we were able to grow livings beings in the form of bacteria and get to see real-life results of how and where bacteria thrive. I was able to learn so many useful laboratory techniques and get real-time results in every class. My favorite professor would be Dr. Frazer teaching my Organic Chemistry II class because he took the most time to really adapt to us as students and was super understanding during the adaptation process of switching to remote learning. Through zoom classes, I was able to talk to him “face to face” way more than I would have been able to talk to him in class and in between class. He is a super down-to-earth guy and is really cool to get to know. The phrases that he used when talking about organic mechanisms were very catchy and funny and he really added energy to the class. I decided to become a part of the COMPASS program because I have a lot of information about UCF and about this major to share with everyone. On top of that, since I was in EXCEL as a freshman and not given a mentor, I saw that I really would have appreciated having someone to talk to that has already gone down the path I was looking to choose. I will be available by phone or email any time to chat about the major, to help pick classes, and really to talk about anything regarding UCF or personal situations. I also hope that you all will reach out to me and let me assist you if need be for any reason. I’m excited to help in any way I can. One of my biggest pieces of advice for incoming EXCEL/COMPASS freshmen is to make friends with the people around you and form study groups with the people that really push you to perform in your best way. I still have group chats and snapchat chats full of my fellow EXCEL students that we all use to update each other on classes even though we don’t necessarily have every class together anymore. Outside of school, I enjoy driving around with my friends and spending money on food and being outside. Away from UCF I spend my time up north in New Hampshire hiking mountains, spending time at the lake doing watersports and boating and in the wintertime I enjoy snowboarding.