My name is Kristopher Sipe, and I am an EXCEL student studying Computer Engineering. I graduated from Arnold High School, located in Panama City Beach (PCB), in 2015 and I am set to start my third year at UCF this fall. One of my favorite classes at this university, so far, has definitely got to be Introduction to Discrete Structures (COT3100). This was the first major specific course I took and it still ranks as the most interesting in my opinion. The material was challenging us to think logically, be it by interpretation or math, and it was really a great experience. The answers were not always so intuitive, but by using the Laws of Logic, among other methods taught in the class, we were always able to formulate a good response to each question. Another reason I loved this course was because it was taught by Sean Szulmanski, a man who is by FAR my favorite professor I have had since I enrolled here. He is so enthusiastic in his teachings and always makes great references to relate the material to ordinary objects or circumstances. This type of teaching makes it very easy to understand even the most challenging material. He also used to work at Google, so you know he is legit in his field.

I decided to get involved with the COMPASS Mentorship Program because I truly do want to help incoming students. My transition to college was fairly smooth, but I know that isn’t the case for everyone. I just hope that I will be able to give you advice and guidance about college life while also helping you to have the smoothest transition to that life as possible. Apart from that, I also joined this program to be able to better myself, so we will all be helping each other along this great journey. And to all of the incoming COMPASS freshman, the best advice I can give you is just to be relaxed and humble. For most of you it will be your first time living alone, so I know it will be a huge change from the life you have lived until now, but it is important to realize that it can be easy to become overwhelmed in certain situations. If these situations ever arise (Finals Week) the best practice, in my opinion, is to just take a second, relax, and realize how lucky you are to be where you are. It’s the little lifestyle realizations like that which will help push you through college and the rest of your life.

Apart from being a full-time college student, I also have a few hobbies. I love to work out at the UCF RWC (aka Gains-ville) and lift weights there about five times a week. I also like to relax with my friends on the weekends. It doesn’t matter what we are up to, whether it be bowling, playing video games, or just watching sports; we are always having a good time.