Mentor Biography

Hey there! My name is Joshua Federman, I am a senior at UCF majoring in Computer Science. I graduated from Oviedo High School in 2020, which is located about 15 minutes from UCF. One of my favorite classes I have taken at UCF is called Project Object Oriented Software Design, also known as POOSD. This was my favorite class because I got to work in a group of 9 people and help develop a fully functional social media website. It also forced me to expand my knowledge of programming, which has helped me a ton in the long run. My favorite professor at UCF would be Professor Gerber, who taught both my Computer Science 1 and Discrete Structures 2 course. He is my favorite because he is very energetic and gives funny anecdotes to help remember challenging concepts. When I am not grinding out a homework assignment at 3:00 AM, I enjoy going to the gym and pushing my limits. Along with that, I play video games and go out to eat with my friends. I chose to be a mentor for the COMPASS program because I understand the feeling of going straight into college with little to no understanding of the majors that you can choose from. I feel that with my experiences and knowledge of being a STEM major, I can confidently help you narrow down your options, and hopefully make the selection process as smooth as possible. My advice to incoming students can be summed up into a single line from the movie Creed 3: “Let go of whatever was and walk into what is.” College is your opportunity to break free from the expectations held to you in high school and to truly find yourself, so take advantage of this new situation and make your past-self proud of what you have accomplished!