Mentor Biography

My name is Josh Coffee and I am a Mechanical Engineering major. This will be my third year at UCF. I graduated from Winter Park High School in 2019, located in Winter Park, Florida. My favorite class thus far has been my Intro to Coding with C class. I find it to be a well-paced class that keeps me engaged and it’s very fulfilling to look at your code after completing it and seeing what you’ve accomplished. One of my favorite professors would be Professor Arielle Gaudiello. She is an EXCEL professor for a range of math classes. I had her for Calculus III. Her teaching style was very focused on explaining the reasoning behind different calculations rather than simply teaching a method. I find this program very beneficial because of the dedication of the staff, from professors to administrators. Any professor or EXCEL/COMPASS staff member that I approached with a concern, I was met with a timely response showing genuine care for my concerns. At such a large university, their actions made me feel more valued and recognized. I’m very glad to have been a part of the program myself and am now happy to give back as a mentor. I enjoy being active in my free time whether that be at the gym, outdoors rollerblading, or on my patio tending to my collection of houseplants.