Mentor Profile

Hi, I’m Jazmine, and I’m a upcoming junior studying Industrial Engineering with a minor in International Engineering and Engineering Leadership. I am originally from Tampa, FL from which I graduated Wharton High School. I am so happy to become a COMPASS mentor so I can help guide and help any new students coming into UCF. It can be a difficult transition to some, so I want to help anyone to the most of my ability. With this program I have been able to meet so many new friend, create study groups, and find clubs and programs available around school.

Apart from EXCEL, I also had the opportunity to get involved in other organizations, I am currently a member of the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers, Society of Sales Engineers. I also was able to become Conference Coordinator of the Society of Women Engineers, and Co-Founder of the Mexican Student Association.

Some of my favorite classes I had my freshmen year include Precalculus and Intro to Environmental Science. Precalculus was one of my favorite classes because my professor took the time to teach us step by step, even retouching the fundamentals, on top of that he was a graduate student, so I felt that he connected with us in a different manner than older professors may have. As for my second favorite class, the professor made the biggest difference, his passion for the subject and knowledge really drove the classes to another level, which then grew my own passion towards the environment.

Quick Tip: Your first year is the time to learn more about yourself, from the new friends you make or where you put most of your time into. Remember to focus on yourself; classwork should always be your priority but don’t forget to take care of yourself and relax; go kayaking, or to the gym, but always have fun no matter what you’re doing.

It’s a pleasure to mentor with you all, see you in the fall!