My name is Jasmina Kovacevic. I am a Biomedical Sciences major and this is my fourth year at UCF. I graduated from Lake Nona High school here in Orlando. One of my favorite class at UCF thus far has been Chemistry 2. Studying for this class was fun for me and everything seemed to click. I got excited when adding salt to water when boiling pasta because I finally understood the science behind it. My favorite professor is Professor Joshua Colwell. Although physics is not my favorite subject he made it enjoyable. He did an exceptional job at teaching this subject and would sit with his students for hours on end in office hours until they finally understood the topic. His passion for teaching encouraged me to study harder. I love the COMPASS program because I think one of the most successful tactics in doing well in STEM is to network with other people also in STEM. These people provide good study partners, guidance with classes, advice on which professors to take, and overall a good support system.  I would advise incoming freshman to find this support system because the transition from high school to college can be tough. On my free time I enjoy volunteering at my local children’s hospital and reading a good book on the beach.


Words of wisdom: Pursue the career that makes you happy and not what will make others happy. If you love your job you will not have to work a day in your life.