My name is Grace Harris. Currently I am majoring in Chemistry on a premedical track. This will be my second year here at the University of Central Florida. In 2017, I graduated from Glendale Christian School in Vero Beach, Florida. My favorite classes at UCF have been my American Sign Language (ASL) classes. It is not a requirement for my major or career, but I enjoy learning new languages and about other cultures. In high school, I studied Spanish, Chinese and a little bit of Latin. This fall I am taking ASL III. My favorite professor is Dr. Bill Cooper, my American Sign Language teacher. He is a very caring teacher and although he is deaf, he was very easy to understand and communicate with in my ASL I class. I became involved with COMPASS my freshman year as a mentee. I then became part of EXCEL (a program connected to COMPASS) because of all the support and opportunities offered through these programs.  I also met other mentees, who are now my friends and study buddies. This semester I hope I can help my mentees learn about the resources offered here at UCF and I hope to meet some awesome mentees this semester! In my free time, I love to travel, go to campus events, watch YouTube videos, eat, sleep and workout.

Advice: Don’t underestimate yourself when opportunities come your way, just apply – it won’t hurt you!