Mentor Profile

My name is Chris Hagglund. I am a junior studying environmental engineering and I am one of the Compass Mentors this semester! I was a mentor last year as well. I think the program is very beneficial to the students and it offers the students’ knowledge and opportunities I wish I knew about freshmen year.

I like to play soccer, and I often go to the IM fields. I also play FIFA, but I usually am on campus either in class, involved in clubs or working at the Stormwater Lab. I really like being involved in clubs, so I think it’s important for new students to try to join at least one club their first year at UCF.

I recently took introduction to environmental engineering and Statics and those have been some of my favorite classes. I liked the environmental course because it was very interesting to me and I’m excited to learn about each component in environmental engineering. I enjoyed Statics because it was material that I enjoyed learning about and changed how I thought about solving problems.

Also, just a quick note, try to get involved in something your first semester but make sure it does not consume all your time. Your first semester is your most important because it sets a good or bad example for your next semester, so make to start off strong!