Mentor Biography

My name is Amber Clark and I am majoring in Forensic Science on the Biochemistry track with a minor in Chemistry and a certificate in Crime Scene Investigation. I grew up in Ramsey, New Jersey and graduated from Ramsey High School in 2021. My favorite courses at UCF have been Intro to Forensic Science, Forensic Biochemistry and Trace Evidence. Intro to Forensic Science is an amazing class to take to determine if forensics appeals to you and to discover which topics pique your interest. Through the course, you get to hear about different cases and the first-hand experiences of professionals in the many subfields of forensic science. Forensic Biochemistry was one of the first classes for me that ventured into a specific forensic discipline and taught me about the identification of body fluids. This eventually encouraged me to switch my track from Chemistry to Biochemistry. Trace Evidence was another favorite of mine because the structure of the course allows for both independence and collaboration through the individual LBL (Learn Before Lecture) assignments and a semester-long group research project in the lab! My favorite professor at UCF is Dr. Erin Hanson, who teaches Forensic Biochemistry, because of her upbeat and understanding personality. Having completed her education at UCF as well, she can relate to what it is like from a student’s perspective and is always willing to offer her assistance for anything at all. My years at UCF have taught me how significant it is to have a support system and reach out for new experiences which is why I wanted to become a STEM mentor with COMPASS. This program is a great resource that helps new students to navigate through the countless STEM majors, opportunities, and organizations offered by UCF. Understanding what it is like to be a first-year STEM major, I would like to offer a sense of direction and my own personal experiences in hopes of helping my incoming mentees flourish during their transition to college. Outside of school, I love to spend time with my friends and take weekend trips to explore places I’ve never been. I absolutely love nature and spending time hiking, paddle-boarding, snorkeling, camping, and more!

Words of Wisdom: My advice to you is to see failure as a stepping stone for growth and success rather than to reflect on it negatively. It is imperative to shed positive light on where something may have gone wrong in order to improve in the future!