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My name is Katia Khatskevich, and I am a Biomedical Sciences major and have a double minor in Russian Studies and Studio Art. This is my fourth year at UCF; hopefully next year I will be going to medical school (fingers crossed)! In 2014, I graduated from Mariner High School which is in Cape Coral, Florida. One of my favorite classes at UCF was General Sociology. It was a really interesting course and it was one of those few classes when you can actually relate the material to day-to-day life easily. My favorite professor was Professor Fernandez-Valle. I had her for Neurobiology and she easily made the course interesting just from how she involved her students in her lessons. Neurobiology can be a bit boring, but she made the course one of the best I have taken from how she related the material to real life examples and even went out of her way to memorize most people’s names in the class. For a class of over 300 students, that’s really impressive! I love the COMPASS program because it offers everything you need to succeed in your freshman year, which can often be very hectic and scary. This program is like a safety net. It’s nice to know that if you are having a difficult time, there are people to help and support you. Even if you don’t need help, this program is great for making friends and creating a support system. In my free time I like to skate, play tennis, draw, play video games, and hang out with my friends.

Words of advice for COMPASS freshman students: if you need help, don’t be afraid to ask! People on this campus are very friendly and helpful if you just let them know what you need. So don’t hesitate to ask professors for help, counselors for advice, or even other students for directions!